Baahubali refuses to Conclude annihilating the Guardians

Baahubali saga concluded last week with 2nd and final part but film isn’t going to conclude on Box office anytime soon. Not us, but film’s 2nd Friday say so. With mere 17℅ drop from Thursday film rake in another ₹46cr on Day 8. This place film at ₹691cr in India just ₹9cr short of ₹700cr Benchmark. While you are reading this piece, film has already passed it.

Yet again its North India which is on overdrive with now contributing around 58% of Total India collection. This doesn’t mean that South India is not performing but North India is something which hasn’t happened since Gadar release in 2001.

Unlike 1st Friday, 2nd Friday is within our expectations range. From here a ₹55-60cr Saturday and ₹70-75cr approx Sunday will mean film crossing ₹750cr today and ₹825cr on Sunday which will place film on 4 or 5 days short of that ₹1000cr in India.

Under this storm released Guardians of The Galaxy 2. As expected film remained off from viewers selection as it bring in mere ₹2.7cr ($450k) on its Opening day. Numbers are around double of previous film but around 25% short Doctor Strange released during November last year. Had this film released on April 21st like few other countries numbers might had been double or more quite easily.

In Dragon land China, Dangal started with ¥13.8mn Friday on 17% screening of country. Numbers are biggest ever for an Indian film and more than double of PK. It looks impressive from media outlook but film has lot to cover with cost to release being manifold of previous releases. PK remains the only Indian film to succeed in China while rest all were either Disasters or Non Starters.

Dulquer’s CIA opened impressively in Kerala with an ₹3.15Cr Friday. Numbers are 3rd Biggest ever for a malayalam film, though can have been 2nd best easily without Baahubali 2. It outpaced Guardians for 2nd rank in India on Friday with collection mainly from a State.

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Note : All the figures on website are Gross. If Nett or Share is used anywhere it will be specifically mentioned. We received requests for reporting numbers in terms of Nett. At Cinetrak, we believe to use Gross numbers, being International standard of Box office reporting. Later on site a detailed note will be put in relation with it.