Baahubali to Guardian Indian Box Office while it’s Dangal in China

Last weekend saw the release of what is called Biggest Box Office phenomenon of this century. Baahubali The Conclusion didn’t break or created records but literally destroyed them. All this can be imagined from the fact that it took mere 5 days to film becoming Biggest Domestic grosser ever.

In this Baahubali storm, releases Guardians of The Galaxy Vol.2 and few regional flicks including Dulquer’s CIA in Kerala. Let’s be very clear at start that none of these is big enough to do even a fraction of whatever Baahubali will do in 2nd weekend until unless Baahubali crashes, which is frankly speaking impossible.

Baahubali is retaining most of its first week screens while at places screens are added to meet demand. This leaves hardly anything for new releases just like the last week holdovers. Though CIA is getting good number of screens in Kerala but is unlikely to dent Baahubali much there.

Starting with Baahubali 2, it exceeded most generous expectations from day one. A major reason is over performance of Hindi version which is breaking records on its own. Film remained steady in weekdays after huge weekend which presage a gigantic 2nd weekend. From the weekdays trend, ₹175-185cr looks like a possible outcome. Even if it remain a bit short it is certain to cross ₹800cr gross mark by Sunday in chase of ₹1000cr in India.

Settling at number 2 will GOTG 2. Few weeks back a healthy opening from film was expected but last week turned the table. Film is 2nd instalment to MCU’s Guardians Of The Galaxy released in 2014 which grossed ₹5.36cr in 1st Weekend and ₹14.45cr in full run. MCU has gained popularity in India after both Avengers and GOTG 2 will be a step to the next Avengers which open in 2018. A ₹20cr plus opening was certain before Baahubali release but now even half of that will be a big deal. Still film may target a ₹13cr start of Doctor Strange and hold its back for next few weeks on WOM. But said that GOTG 2 is a much bigger film than Strange so need a bigger start for being a success.

Dulquer’s CIA will be hoping to repeat Charlie’s success but Baahubali 2 is a big block it face. A solo release would have seen CIA getting a record or near record start for a Malayalam film but it is going to settle much lower now. We expect it open in around ₹3cr and a weekend of ₹8cr.

This week will also have Dangal releasing in China. It is probably 1st time that Indian film is released with this extensive marketing that Dangal has got. Disney will be hoping to repeat PK’s success in China which remains only film to create mark in Dragon land.

We will be looking over weekend results on Monday. Till then join us on Twitter and Facebook and share your views on the films.