Baahubali2 set to be Thousand Crore affair

₹1000cr worldwide, the figure which no Indian film come to near even. But for Baahubali The Conclusion it was matter of “when” rather than “will” and that “when” is happening too soon than anybody had anticipated. We at Cinetrak were expecting the film to cross the mark in 3 weeks or so which was way too generous before release, but as it happen film beat the most generous expectations.

When the 9th day business end, Baahubali 2 worldwide cume stand in excess of ₹950cr. This includes ₹765cr in India and ₹205cr ($32mn) in Overseas markets. This all leaves the film ₹30cr short of that Magic number which it will cross by the time your clock pass 3 PM.

In 1994, Hum Aapke Hai Kaun was 1st Indian film to cross ₹100cr globally. It took real long time of 15 years to get that ₹200cr (also ₹300cr) on board by 3 Idiots. ₹400cr took another 3 and half years with Chennai Express just sneaking in the mark while ₹500cr come rather quickly in December 2013 by Dhoom 3. Finally ₹600cr and ₹700cr were Triumphed by P.K. in 2014 and 2015 China release. Since than Dangal breached ₹700cr mark and before it could have done a ₹800cr or ₹900cr by China release, Baahubali 2 is set to cross ₹1000cr in 10 days flat.

Apart from ₹1000cr Globally, film is also racing towards ₹1000cr in India. By the time Sunday ends, film will cross ₹835cr in India leaving it 4 or 5 days short of ₹1000cr in India. Considering ₹1000cr deep in pocket within, say 20 days, where this film gonna conclude is question we all have.

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