Dangal Hits Century In China

A $100mn or ¥680 mn in China for Dangal and what follows is ₹1400 cr worldwide. Till yesterday film grossed $95mn or ¥645mn in middle kingdom. No words can describe the business trend of film in China and this is the time we say it goes unpredictable.

Till 2nd weekend a certain degree of correction with Zootopia was there but it no longer stands true as Dangal is looking at 3rd weekend par 2nd while Zootopia was down by 37%. There’s​ no way film stopping below $150mn or ¥1.02Bn, taking it further we will be pointing a $175mn or ¥1.19Bn even. If film achieves later it will be in Top 20 Biggest Grossers in China ahead of many Hollywood tent poles.

Film will be reclaiming its title of Biggest Grosser Worldwide soon from Baahubali The Conclusion. Difference between both is now around ₹100cr which will be set off by end of this week. Dangal will now retain the Honor until unless Baahubali 2 garner around $50mn in its 2nd Phase release overseas. A detailed comparison between both films will be posted in coming days on site.

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