About Us

Cinetrak is a Box Office Reporting Service launched in 2016, with aim of reporting authentic & accurate figures of Indian film industry as whole and not limited to single industry.

All the Data on this website is compiled from our Independent sources. At present, website have a comprehensive database of Box Office figures​ of films released during last year (2017) and the films featuring in All Time charts. The web site is in process of built up and in upcoming months more films and other relevant data will be added.

For more information on Cinetrak please send an email.

At Cinetrak we report Gross box office receipts of films during their theatrical run in Domestic and International markets. Revenue sources other than these, i.e. home video sales, television rights, digital rights, product placements, etc are not included.

Information on Cinetrak is published under various sections which includes various charts and articles.